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Post by Chris Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:49 pm

Its time to tell you about some exciting new features that school talk will soon offer.

We have many new features just waiting to be put online.

Live Chat, Private Chat, User Created Rooms, Private Rooms.
At schooltalk we have always been proud to offer a chat service to our members well we will soon be ofering a brand new free multi chat system you will be able to create your own room/channel for just you and your friends! You could also have a private conversation with your friends!

Staff E-Mail Address's << Already Active!!
We now own << this is our new main web address. In the future we will provide the staff team with e-mail address's enabling them to recieve and send emails for example if you have a forum problem you can now email . This SERVICE IS ACTIVE

User E-Mail Address's
it is a possiblity in the future to set our users up with free email such as if your username was BarryBlogs your email would be or
This service is only currently avilable for certian Staff USERS!

We also hope to offer

A Games Site
School talk hopes to offer a brand new games site with many flash games playable in school or at home!
we will host many games from mini clip and the very popular N-Game there will be many other games and GAMING SITES hosted here!

There are many many other exciting features which will be avilable over the next few weeks and months we hope to have the updates and new features completley online by January.

We are also looking for new staff members if you are interested please email or Private Message Me immeditley,


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