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2008/2009 Rules

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2008/2009 Rules Empty 2008/2009 Rules

Post by Chris Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:21 pm

Administration & Moderator Details

Welcome to SchoolTalk
We would like to thank you for visiting us and kindly ask you that take time to read these rules.
The rules are simple and must be kept.

Chat Box Rules
1. Please Respect other users!
2. No Insulting Anyone
3. No Bullying or Threats
4. No Spamming
5. No Foul Language
6. No overusing the chat box.
7. Do not use the chat box when a teacher may be watching
8. Administrators decision to kick or ban users is Final!

Please Note: School Talk Chat Box is fair the Administrators are there for the protection of you please do not abuse them!

Chat Box Admin Rules
1. Please follow general Chat Box Rules
2. Please do not use any of your powers until it is 100% nessacary! EVERYBODYS HUMAN PLEASE TREAT THEM AS SUCH DO NOT PARADE YOUR ADMIN POWERS
3. Please give a warning to users who break any rules. If it is a sever rule break or consistent break please ban the users and notify a SuperAdmin
4. Please be polite and help any user needing help!

Please Note: SchoolTalk reserves the right to a final say if an admin unfairly bans or kicks please report this to me and I will take immediate action.

Forum Rules
1. Do not insult or bully any member on this forum
2. Do not make more than 1 username without asking the Administration Team
3. No Swearing or Rudeness
4. No insulting people with Pms
5. Help keep the forum clean
6. General Rules apply

Posting Rules
1. You may post videos on this forum but they must not be rude and Must not break school rules.
2. Again do not post anything that breaks the school rules
3. No Spamming
4. Do not comment on SPAM comments that are simply to say another one is SPAM are banned!
5. No offensive topics
6. General Rules apply

@These Rules are for the safety of You!

@If you notice any rule breaks please report this A.S.A.P. to the Administration Team.

@This is a forum that obeys the school rules.

@You must not type or post anything that will break any of the school rules.

@This will result in being banned from schooltalk.


Thanks The Administration Team

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